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The Sustainability. Are You In? Thought Leaders Showcase & Exhibition has been launched with the aim of bringing together a range of Thought Leaders to provide a deeper understanding of sustainability and the issues to help us all to navigate the road ahead.

We invite you to join the global race towards net zero carbon emission by 2050.

Under the theme of Sustainability. Are You In?, this showcase covers many aspects of sustainability across various industries.

The showcase is dedicated to bring together global leaders and industry experts to discuss and share information on the latest innovation and forward-thinking ideas on sustainability.

The exhibition will showcase sustainability solutions that can assist clubs and schools throughout Australia and the world to be more sustainable. The International Pavilion will offer companies from other parts of the world the opportunity to showcase their global brand and services.

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued Partner and Sponsor at the Sustainability. Are You In? Thought Leaders Showcase & Exhibition.

Sustainability. Are You In?

Eco Voice

First published in 2003, Eco Voice is your go-to publication for sustainability news in Australia.  Eco Voice prides itself as an independent news platform with a clear focus on sustainability, with articles coming from a diverse range of contributors – all levels of government, corporations, not-for-profits, community groups, small to medium sized businesses, universities, research organisations, etc.  Eco Voice values community, conservation and commerce.  Eco Voice is a media partner of the prestigious Australian Banksia Sustainability Awards – The Peak Sustainability Awards.


Incorporated in 2004, E-Plus Global is a full-fledged one-stop entertainment, events, sports and tourism management agency.  This multi award-winning agency provides innovative and creative ideas in both planning and execution for clients, regionally and internationally.  Recognised as one of the top and more experienced agencies in the region, the company continually seeks to elevate industry practices through its unique, creative and innovative ideas.  E-Plus Global a member of the Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) and is a subsidiary of E-Plus Limited which is listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).

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